hi, so I'm 18 and have never had a surgery or any injuries before January. In the middle of January this year I got into a car accident, it was a head on collision and 100% the other guys fault bc they crossed the line and ran right into me around a curve, anyways my car was totaled and I was lucky enough to get away with a sprained ankle and some cuts and bruises. It was a very bad sprained ankle but at that time I wasn't mad bc I thought it would be better in a few weeks and I would be back to my normal life, was I wrong. I couldn't walk for the first month, went to a horrible orthopedic place for the next 2 months, I was then able to hobble around with a clicking knee and a lot of pain, I switched to a better place where I did 2 more months of physical therapy and my knee got so much better, my ankle didn't hurt as much when I walked but it was still very difficult, last week I went for an MRI of my ankle and this morning found out I have to have surgery, I have never had surgery before and I pass out walking into a hospital just visiting someone so I'm very scared for that part but also bc it's been 21 weeks almost 5 months and I finally feel like my life is getting back to normal and now it is starting all over, not being able to walk for weeks or drive for at least 2 months, it is just taking a really big hit on me that I just got through all of this and now I have to start all over, btw I have to stay at my gmas again bc I have stairs ant my house which means I will have like no alone time and I will be inside all day which makes me go crazy. after the accident I had to drop all of my classes and now I am making them up but I don't know if I will be able to handle school and recovery, along with that is I have zero friends at the moment so that will be fun to sit there with my gma watching weird shows and not bring able to have anyone to distract me, I'm sorry for ranting but I'm super nervous that I will have a lot of mental break downs during this. Also I have severe depression for the last 5 years but it normally gets better in the summer bc I'm out more but I'm scared it will be very bad the next few weeks until I can get back to normal.