please help. im going crazy.


my bf and i have been together for almost 2 years. i dont know what it is lately but ive been feeling like things have been different. he always is wanting to go out, drink like theres no tomorrow, gets horribly angry w me when hes drunk lately ect. he tells me things like he doesnt want to talk to me about his feelings cause thats not him. calls me a cunt and crazy when i dont take my pills because im bipolar. latelys hes been wanting "guys nights" and i guess thats just not what i want. i love him so much it hurts. im starting to cry everynight because his hate for me is gradually building. hes so sweet sometimes when hes sober and makes my heart melt, but when he drinks he hates me. he used to want to have sex ALL the time and now its rare if he wants it more then 1 day at a time. im confused, anxious, depressed, insecure. i do have issues going on in my head. i think hes just tired of being there for me. he loves me so much but lately things have just felt off and i cant explain it. is it time to call quits? i couldnt even imagine a life without him. i literally feel like i wouldnt be able to live. its so unhealthy help!!!!