I need some help ladies πŸ˜” just a weird period or pregnancy?

Around June 21st I had some light blood but it was just a little bit with brown discharge. The next day I had light bleeding so I figured my period was about to start but it never came. June 23rd it was still light bleeding and dark brown blood like oh my god this is annoying lol so I took a pregnancy test it was negative. The next day it was still the same thing but just light blood June 25th then a few hours later I wiped and saw blood that looked like a period so I wore a pad but after that the bleeding completely stopped till today. Β I already went in for a pelvic exam everything is normal which is good. I know brown blood was just old blood but was it just my period being weird? I know so many things can cause periods to be weird but I haven't been stressed traveling etc. Has anyone experienced this? It wasn't like a period it didn't follow the actual blood flow. Really hoping I'm pregnant but don't wanna keep my hopes up. Should I keep testing or just wait until I get my actual period? Thanks for the opinions :)