Slightly irritated and I want to talk about it.

Isabella • US Navy Sailor ⚓️ Married to a Sailor 💍🥰

So I announced to my grandparents (who I am super close with) that I am pregnant. My husband and I just found out and we are 5 weeks today. And my grandmother said completely out of nowhere and I quote “no one likes a whiny pregnant lady. No one wants to know about your cravings or your symptoms. And don’t you dare make Felipe (my husband) do anything for you you aren’t broken you are pregnant” and let me tell you... I wanted so bad to jump through that phone... because not only the ENTIRE time my aunt was pregnant my grandmother was like “omg let me do that for you! Omg what are your symptoms, are you having any cravings?”... but this isn’t my first pregnancy and never once during that pregnancy did I complain to anyone but my husband and it wasn’t even complaining, he’d ask how I was feeling and I’d tell him, or if my back hurt he would know simply because my back pain gets crippling (I have back problems to begin with) Even in this pregnancy so far.. the only person I really share my cravings and symptoms to are my husband, who wants to know every little thing that I am going through. And my friend who lives with us who is 25 weeks pregnant! And of course, if I’m not feeling well I’ll let a coworker know so I can step out for a little while. (I am active duty so if I just disappear I’ll get in a lot of trouble)...

Just the whole thing is irritating me all the way down to my soul.