I’m confused


So. I’ve been having pregnancy symptoms for 2 months. My last period was on April 3rd. My period never skips months. So this is weird to me. Because I’ve been feeling nauseous and almost every pregnancy symptom. So I went to the doctor yesterday for the first time and they did a transvaginal Ultrasound. They told me that my urine said negative and that there was nothing there when they did my transvaginal ultrasound. They told me to still go to my next appointment at my OBGYN. Which is in July.

They said that there was nothing there. No cysts. Nothing. She said that it could be a cyst that had just popped. But nothing else.

But I’m worried. Because I really did think I was pregnant and honestly I still think I am. I don’t know if this is all in my mind. But I really wanted them to tell me that I was pregnant.

I’ve done pregnancy tests at home many times. And they would all be positive but after the 10 minutes. Almost half an hour later the positive line would show up. A lot of people think it was the Evap line. But I don’t know. Because when I would do pregnancy test before, they would be negative. Even after hours later it would still be negative. But last month when I took pregnancy tests they would be negative and then turn positive.

Please tell me what you think.