I miss my babies 👼🏻❤️


I honestly don’t know how to get threw this. My fiancé keeps trying to help by telling me we’re going to have a healthy baby one day but it’s so hard right now loosing one baby and then the other. I though I had passed the baby yesterday but it actually came out today and my heart dropped when I saw it. I just still couldn’t believe I was having a miscarriage. I just feel so empty and lonely even though I’m not, Grieving all over again after 6 months of trying so hard to get our little prince/ princess just to loose them all over again. I sat outside and looked at the stars tonight and just talked hoping my babies would hear me and god would answer my prayers. I couldn’t flush my sweet little one so I’m going to buy some beautiful flowers and a flower pot and I’m going to burry my baby in the flower pot and let my baby grow 🌸 I will never forget the ones I carried but never got to hold but one day god might answer my prayers and help me make my rainbow baby 🌈 12/05/17👼🏻 06/11/18👼🏻