So long story kinda

Aynsley • Crunchy mom to three, doula, and babywearing educator
So long story kinda. After my third miserable day/night of pain I decided this morning that I needed to see what was up. My midwife was on vacation and her back up OB's office was closed for the day since today is his "surgery day" at the hospital. Thinking it was a mere uti gone really bad or some other infection I decided to go to the teeny hospital here in town. I was very surprised when they took me straight up to a delivery room upon my arrival and even more surprised when they told me I was already at a 6 and wanted to keep me. Although I had intended another home birth, I decided that going ahead and staying was better than not being able to do anything without tons of pain. So at 9:30am the doctor broke my water and by noon she was here! That's all I needed I guess :) 
8lbs 11oz (by far my biggest!) 21 inches, nursing well and everyone is doing super!