Zayn Simon

Julihanna • Zayn's Mommy ➳ July 2015
We were admitted to the hospital Monday night for a scheduled induction. They put cervadil in that night around 8:30. I was already dilated 1cm & effaced 70%. The next morning at 8, it was taken out & it hadn't done anything further. So they put in a cooks catheter & started my pitocin. I was already contracting on my own so the pitocin was really low. Around 12:30 my contractions were so strong that I got my epidural. At 2 they took the cooks catheter out & I was dilated to a 7. They broke my water. An hour later, at 3, my contractions were bad again & I could feel every one of them. They gave me another dose of epidural but they gave me too much. I was dilated fully & they wanted me to do practice pushes & get him under my pelvic bone so we could call the dr to come in. Well I was numb from my shoulders down. I had no idea if I was pushing or not. I couldn't feel anything, not even my hands. They told me I was doing great as we did the practice pushes though. Unfortunately, my blood pressure bottomed out & I almost passed out several times. They gave me medicine to help my blood pressure with no success. They decided to try adrenaline & let me break for about 15 minutes. Afterwards, I did a few more practice pushes & my blood pressure was back up. He was almost crowning so the doctor came in. I pushed 3 more times & he was out. I had no idea I had delivered him because I still couldn't feel anything. My boyfriend pulled him out & cut the umbilical cord. It was very scary but all of it didn't matter once I set eyes on my son. He was born born on 7/7/15 @ 7:29pm. Weighing 6 pounds & 9 ounces. 20 inches long! I am so in love with Zayn. He's the most amazing thing that I have ever been blessed with.