A little irritated!!

Desirae • TTC #1
So last week (Sunday) I began testing with the clearblue advanced digital ovulation (flashing and solid smiley) well I had 3 sticks left from my last box Sunday O Monday O Tuesday O Tuesday I went to purchase more and found a refill kit... After I brought it home I realized it said monitor (the big clearblue monitor) well I figured the sticks look the same I don't see why I couldn't use it in there.. Well ever since then I've been getting flashing smilies.. So today I tried to test in the afternoon and tmi I could not go for the life of me.. So I figured it's already opened let me test it out... So I dipped it in water... And wouldn't you know I got a damn flashing smiley!!!!! So now I'm questioning the validity of all those damn flashing smilies!!! Did I miss my ovulation because I have the wrong sticks!!?? I tried calling clearblue helpline but they're closed... I'll call tomorrow but damn that was $75 down the drain!!!