Has anyone been diagnosed with Vasa Previa?

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And if so, did you have a successful pregnancy? I went in for my 18week anatomy scan today and my Dr saw that my placena is lying very low and had somehow split. One half is on the lower right side and the other smaller half is on the lower right side just past my cervex. He's concerned because when the placena split, one of babys blood vessels and nerve had move with the other half of the placena on the left side and is unprotected by neither placental tissue or the umbilical cord. He's not sure yet if I have Vasa Previa but he wants to continue seeing me to keep a close eye on things. I go back in three weeks on the 29th and although, he still won't have a for sure answer, I'm still stressed. I'm hoping if some others expeirence with this and how everything with delivery and baby turned out. Thank you!