I must confess

Kayla • My husband and i are both 28. We each have 2 children from prior marriages, 4 in total! We are ttc our 5th, but have had 2 miscarriages.
Hi my name is kayla, and im an addict...an addict of ovulation tests, an addict of googling ways to increase fertility, i also google every symptom i have that isnt normal to see if it is a sign of pregnancy. I am addicted to glow. I am addicted to pregnancy magazines. I am addicted to anything and everything having to do with conception. I have 2 other children, from my first marriage, and i never obsessed like this with either of them. I have no idea what is pushing me so hard and making me want this baby so much...but i have a problem! One that i think many of us have. We are addicted to becoming pregnant! Staying positive even though most of the time i kust want to throw my hands up and surrender. Good luck everyone, baby dust!