Struggling... everyone around me is preg.. just not me!


I went to my regular gym class and it was just me and the trainer (who is a close friend) and she showed me ultrasound photos... 8wks along. I was so happy for her as she has been preg before and lost it (conceived first attempt).. than this is their second attempt and conceived again straight away.As happy and thrilled for them as I was I also had to fight and hold back tears and put on the brave face all the time wanting to run out of there and cry... my hubby and I have been ttc longer than they have (6mths) and we havent had any luck meanwhile she has been preg twice. Just cuts like a knife... than she tells me how she's glad they mc rather than have been trying that whole time and nothing.. OW that hurt... I did the best thing possible tho and hid my pain. This is her happy moment and I wouldnt want to take away from it.

Than the final blow was logging onto fb and two other friends have posted they are preg... all I need to top it off is for someone to say "youll be next" or "it was easy" and I will crack!