Selfish or normal feelings ( long rant )

Ugh just found out my SIL is pregnant and due 1 month b4 me.... 
I just want my own time to shine....,
When my husband and I got engaged she had been engaged for 8YEARS!! The first thing she said to him was " you better not get married b4 me" they wanted to buy a house and get married in there yard... Not my fault they were taking forever.. So not to long after that they decided to build a house and then we bought a house... Of course we moved in on the same month grrrrrr... Then the got married in August we want to do a October wedding but then decided to wait so it wasn't so close hers... Well then she got pregnant and then we did 6 months later but I had my son 2 months early so our kids are 4 months a part.. That nice is some ways I know.. She had some health issues and wasn't sure on baby number2. Well we wanted number 2 got pregnant last September but miscarried ugh😢. Shorty after that she then decided they were going to try again.  I know I should be excited but WTF. I just wanted my own time for once with this family.  Am I being selfish or totally normal?? I post anonymously because I'm not sure if she's on glow. Don't want to hurt anyone's feelings....,