Horrible day!!! Encouragement/ prayer needed

Hi everyone baby is doing good. We had our 12 week apt today. Heart rate was 160-150. Day was going great. We got home after the apt and I was spending time with my daughter who is 20 months. To make a very long story short she had a Friday time ever very bad seizure. She hit her head during it and took a while to come too. An ambulance was called and we were rushed to a local children's hospital. We have been here all day since 10 am. They have ran blood work, ct and an eeg. The only thing is on the eeg they saw some unusual things but the doctor wants to gather more information and compare the faults from tomorrow's test to today's. We are admitted on the nuero unit. I'm so tired yet can't sleep. I'm such a nervous wreck and wish they can find out what is wrong.