Elizabeth • Elizabeth, 26. TTC baby #1 for 5 years now. Two losses, 11.30.11 @ 7 weeks, and 11.28.12 @ 16 weeks.
My cycles are pretty regular between 27-30 days. I'm currently on CD33. According to all of my three apps, AF was due on CD30. I was hesitant to even mention it, as it always seems that once I announce "I'm late" she shows. But alas, here I am. 
No real telling signs of her arrival as of now. I've had zero PMS cramps, but have experienced painful lower back cramping- not the norm. My breasts have been tender for over a week now- per usual. Other than that, nada! Curious, but not holding my breath. Hopeful, but unwilling to commit my faith to being pregnant after four years of trying and two losses. 
My plan is to wait until CD35 to test. My chart from the past two years has my longest cycle at 34 days- February of 2014. If I'm still not bleeding by Saturday, I will give in and test with FMU on Sunday morning. 
Crossing my fingers and wishing you all lots of baby dust