8 weeks 5 days, what should I be feeling?

I feel like until I have my first ultrasound, this just isn't real!  I have minimal symptoms (compared to friends who have been super sick throughout their first trimesters). Besides my breasts growing, and my belly bloating I don't feel much different... Should I? My breasts are achy but not overly sore by any means... I have occasional nausea that comes and goes... And I'm super bloated at times... I also am experiencing immense fatigue. This is my first, and so I guess I don't even know if I should be feeling more, or if all is good as is?  Nothing has indicated anything is wrong as of yet, all bloodwork has been good, and dr didn't seem concerned about anything.... I did have an early miscariage in May, right before becoming pregnant this time (no cycle inbetween)