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Andrea • TTC baby #2 with PCOS
I have PCOS and have been TTC for 7 months.  I wanted to share all of the things I am doing to shake an egg out of my ovaries and wanted to hear what you ladies are doing since I continue to learn from everyone's experience!  Here it goes:
1. Acupuncture- For 4 months I have been doing acupuncture 2-6 x per month   I see someone who specializes in fertility.  He has given me so much insight and things I can do from home, which makes me feel much more in control of this situation.   
2. Clomid - just finished my first cycle of 50 mg clomid.  I never had a positive opk but I stil hold hope I ovulated.  
3. Metformin- just started that this week. 
So what is everyone else doing?  I