I'm sure I'm not being a hundred percent rational these days but when your so doesn't even try to communicate anymore and just shuts down, that's a sign of a serious problem.... like I can't even get a conversation..... and that hurts bc I'm carrying this baby we both decided to have.... and I'm just supposed to work thru issues on my own?

I don't like the lack of emotional support, even though like I said, I know that I'm not easy to deal with these days. Its just issues like these that sneak up on you and you don't see coming, bc everything is great and wonderful before babies and you think that nothing can come between you. .but then it does. And all you can do is just wait it out but ..... then it's stressful having a baby.... and there's just no coming back from the emotional neglect and the things we have said to each other angry. And that's the beginning of the end of a relationship or marriage, folks.

I'm really sorry that I'm a downer tonight..