Made it to 28 weeks!! But I'll never get off bed rest now :(


Been on bed rest for last 3 wks due to premature contractions and shortening/ funneling cervix.

Haven't had any changes in the last week so my doc said I could "test the waters today amd take it easy", but the second I started contracting again, I was done and back in bed.

I was so excited I came home and cleaned my kitchen & living room. Took it slow and easy and then called it quits. About an hour after resting, the contractions & pelvic pressure got so bad I had to take my motrin again and jumped into a hot bath to try and calm things. The contractions seemed to have stopped but the pelvic pressure is so bad I can barely move.

So much for testing the waters. I know now that I'll be on my butt for the next 3 months.

Anything to keep my baby boy safe, but still disappointing to say the least. :(