Grrrrrr my husband doesn't get it!

So my mother has been there for me my entire life. She was in the delivery room with my first baby. My husband and I weren't together then and wasn't in there. 
His mother is never around. Lives a lot closer to us than my mother yet doesn't even try to get to know her granddaughter or spend time with us. We see my mother at least twice a week. She lives an hour away. His mom only 15 minutes. 
We were discussing who would be in the delivery room. He doesn't want to be because he is so squeamish but he said he would be for me to hold my hand. I asked if he'd be able to cut the cord and he said probably not. I said ok my mother can. I want her in there with me. He asked well what about his mother why can't she cut the cord. I said because I don't want her in there! I barely know her and she's not coming in there with my legs spread wide. Now he's mad because I don't want her in the delivery room but I do want my mother there. She's my biggest supporter and is really good at keeping me calm. I needed her last time and I need her now. And because I don't want his mother in there I'm suddenly against his family!!! Ugh!!!!