Grayson Anthony

Saturday morning on 6-20 I was waiting for my husband to come home from work and reading a book in bed. He and I chatted for awhile and I noticed a weird squiggly line in my vision. I mentioned it to him and we continued talking. We got up and moved to the living room and the line was still there and it was aggravating me. I turned to express my frustration to my husband and realized I wasn't seeing all of him. I was looking directly at his face and only saw one eye and bits and pieces. I was in the process of making a sandwich and was dropping things and my head was slowly beginning to feel funny. My husband made me sit down for awhile. As I was sitting my right hand went numb. At this point my husband was very worried. At the time I was unaware but as I was talking to him my speech began to slur and I was using word salad. The numbness left my right hand and moved to my face then mouth then throat. My husband told me to get in the car we were going to the er. My brain was functioning like I was drunk and I flat out refused I was disoriented and scared and I just wanted to lay down. So I was stubborn and that's what I did. Which was so stupid of me but I wasn't in my right mind. I woke up eight hours later with a pounding headache but I was more aware and had my husband take me to the er then. The doctors wasted no time and got a ct scan. My blood pressure was 160/100 at entry. They immediately pumped me with magnesium to prevent a seizure and to bring my bp down. (It was that high 8 hours after the incident what was it at the time!?!?) Surprisingly I was checked for dialation and even though four days earlier I had made no progress that evening I was 2cm and 75% effaced! And I was having contractions which I didn't realize I thought what I was feeling was baby stretching! The doctors didn't say much as they ran labs and tests. One of the nurses came in and told me we were being admitted. Once we were in our room another nurse let it slip that the doctors were inducing me ASAP. I had had a mini stroke due to rapid onset preeclampsia. There were no warnings signs and my blood pressure was perfect before the incident. I was in shock I did not expect to be having my baby that day! I started the medicine at 6am on 6/21. The contractions still just felt like baby stretching. The nurse checked me an hour later and I dialated to a 3. The doctors came in shortly after and broke my water. Then it was awful the contractions suddenly took my breath away and were so painful!The nurse   suggested I get the epidural then but I didn't want to seem weak so i tried to ride them out. I lasted through about 10 and asked for iv meds. Those were a mistake. They took away absolutely no pain and made me very loopy I got the epi shortly after. The iv meds had made me sick so I almost couldn't get the epi because I was throwing up. Once I got it I felt absolutely nothing and it was wonderful. I started dialating 1-2cm an hour. I couldnt lay on my back without throwing up, I was starving because I hadn't eaten in over 24 hours, and one of the medicines was making me shake so hard I looked ill. I was lying there and I felt something down below and the urge to push so I paged the nurse and told her it was time and sure enough I was 10cm. Baby was facing sideways so I had to use the peanut for 30 minutes and then I was able to start pushing. Pushing was painless but exhausting, like a physical workout! They kept telling me to grab my legs but I could feel my legs and they were heavy! I was also dry heaving because I had to lay on my back. 
  couldn't feel my contractions so I didn't know when to push. I kept telling them to let me know when to push but I felt like no one was listening. I pushed and pushed and still no head. I could hear the doctors whispering urgently below and I got worried .  I got frustrated and just went gung-ho by myself and with two hard pushes he was out! They laid him on my chest and I had two internal stitches which I felt because the epidural had Worn off. 
11 1/2 hours of labor and Grayson Anthony safely made it into the world.  7lbs and 3oz 20 inches long at 5:29pm on 6/21/2015 Father's Day :)
He is a beautiful sweet boy who is a very good baby I couldn't ask for more!