Ttc after miscarriage

Rachel • I'm 27,Hubs 29. Our son is 2 & we just conceived our Rainbow baby due July 2016. Our loss 3/10/15 @9wks 🏈🎀pray4healthy
First off just wanna say so sorry for your loss! My husband & I lost our 2nd baby this past March and in June we decided we were ready to try again to add on to our little family. Couple questions.. How long did it take for your normal cycle to be back on track? How long did it take for you to conceive again? 
I'm normally a 32day cycle but still hasn't gotten back to it, which is now making things a little hard for me to pinpoint when it comes to ov day. Since June was the first month of trying I didn't take any opk's so now I'm really all over the place when to thinking I might have ovulated. Anybody else going through the same?? Would love to hear any advice/personal experiences 😊