Advice please! What just happened!?

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Hi ladies! 
I'm 38+1 weeks today and I had a midwife appointment wstlier. At the appt I was told that the baby is still 4/5th of the way down my pelvis, not engaged or dialated or effaced (altgough no exam on my vagina itself was done) - anyway! Ive just woke up from a nap with a feeling I thought was that I really really needed to pee! Half asleep ive waddled to the toilet and just before I sat down I felt wayer come out, I quickly sat down and a hush came out but it was not PEE, it didn't come out of my pee hole (sorry for the term lol!) anyway, I thought it was strange, stood up and had to sit straight back down again, more fluid came out!!!! I'm worried it's my water even though ive not really had pain, just a lot of Braxton Hicks and the midwife literally 3 hours ago said there was no progression?! 
What could this be? If anything! What should I do? Slightly panicked! 
Thanks ladies!