Anxiety over if is a boy or a girl! I already have 2 Boys

Man, I know I shouldn't even be thinking about if is a boy or a girl because what matters is a healthy baby but I have 2 sons and my dream literally my dream lol is to have a daughter. Everyone tells me "so what if is a boy you don't want him" when they tell me that I feel like screaming in their face "is not that because I love my monkeys but I'm a woman that would love to have a daughter, a best friend, someone to take to the nail salon with me, someone to calm to the beauty salon and shopping". Why is it so hard to understand that.  I can't even express my emotions because I feel that if it turns out to be a boy people are going to judge me and say "well you didn't want a boy what are you going to do now". Is so hard and that's why we've only told a few of our friend and only immediate family.