Someone was watching over my little miracle boy:)

I was due July 2 with my fourth child ( 1st twins natural and second c section) and attempting vbac, however on July 6 I went to the hospital and insisted on a c section. All my ultrasounds, appointments, non stress tests were perfect. My last ultrasound had been at 38 weeks. And my pregnancy had been very easy. I had run long distances, lifted heavy, basically did everything I did before. After my 38 week ultrasound however when the doc stripped my membranes I felt very exhausted all the time. All I wanted to do was sleep. And I started having crazy dreams. One was I had a c section and had a healthy small baby boy who was nothing I imagined, and had grey goop in his eyes. Than I started getting terrifying dreams that I delivered a stillborn. I developed severe anxiety and panicked Friday evening and called the specialists office to ask for a c section. I found out he was at hospital on mon but was leaving for a week after. I broke down and cried to the secretary and told her I wanted this baby out now. She texted the doc who called me sum night and told me to come in Monday morning. He examined me and said baby was fine that he could refer me to a colleague who would do the operation later this week. Or he could do the surgery today . I said yes let's do it. We waited 10 hours. When he took baby out he told me over the curtain that it was good I listened to my instincts because another day would've been too late. My water must've broken at my 38 week appt and cord was dry, no fluid, and there was meconium. He had quit growing too. Thankfully all is well:)