Help....not sure

So last week I had a little bit of spotting, extremely light. One time it was super light pink and the next day it was super light brown. A day later I started to get cramping, as if I was gonna start my AF but I still had two more weeks. So, since last week, I would start to get cramping like normal but then it only lasted a second and it was gone. That lasted once a day mainly at night. My AF is suppose to be today, but I didn't get my usual symptoms I've always gotten (usually cramping throughout the days the week I'm going to start). We are trying and I'm a bit nervous to take a test afraid it's going to come back negative and then be disappointed. I'm sure all you ladies know that feeling, but any suggestions would be great. Not sure if I should wait awhile longer to see if the AF is just late and unusually unmormal or if I should test.