Could I have PCOS?


A little about me...24 years old, overweight, married for 2 years, TTC for 1 year, normally my cycles were 23-27 days long but all of a sudden my period became all out of wack.

From March to April my cycle was 45 days before my next period. Went to my OBGYN during that time and he said everything looked fine and gave me progesterone.

My period lasted for over a week and was very heavy, going through Ultra tampons in about 30-45 minutes. Called nurse, she said that was normal.

I am now on CD 60 with no symptoms of a period, pregnancy, etc. I actually took a pregnancy test today and it was as negative as can be.

So my question is what the heck is going on with my body? Could it possibly be that I have PCOS but have never been diagnosed? Something more serious? Any input would be greatly appreciated.