I’m a little paranoid that i might be pregnant

I’m 16 & my boyfriends 17. Me and my boyfriend barely had sex for the first time in our relationship. He was a virgin and i wasn’t. We had sex two days ago but he didn’t use a condom and i was like are you sure you’re going to pull out and he’s like yes I’m sure, so i trusted him. But that was a bad idea and i regret it now. He told me that he pulled out 3 sec before he finished off and then right after it was all over my stomach and his cousin was knocking on the door and I was all naked and I panicked and I rolled over and put the blanket over me and

acted like I was asleep 😂 luckily we didn’t get caught. But the cum went all over the blanket and i was searching if i could be pregnant and idk now i’m just getting scared cause of what i’m reading. But after we had sex i was getting cramps after, is that normal? And then the next day the cramps went away and my legs were sore, i don’t know why? And today i’ve been feeling pretty sick but maybe cause i’m just paranoid that i might be pregnant or something. Please help cause i can’t stop thinking about this and i really really don’t wanna be pregnant at 16!!