Am i wrong


I need some advice. Please be honest with me.

Me and my “mother in law” have butted heads sense day one. She cant stand that im not religious and i cant stand that shes controlling.

But i wont get into that, its a long story.

Me and her have been arguing back and forth all day today, because i was going back on my boyfriends facebook and noticed when our son was born, she had posted pictures of our son saying he was born. Okay, didnt ask if i wanted his picture on facebook, but whatever.

Anyways, i was looking through the comments, and every single one of them said “congratulations grandma”! “Congratulations daddy”!

Simple stuff like that.

But not once did somebody say congratulations to me. One person said congratulations to the family, so i guess i cant say nobody said anything about me.

It kind of hurt my feelings, all the comments about dad and grandma, but nothing about the person who gave birth to the baby.

I know this may sound immature, and please tell me if it does. Because i mentioned to her, like hey, seriously?

And in the end she told me im jealous of her, and to get over it. She had posted a bunch of pictures of me when i was in the hospital, and i wasnt aware of any of it. There are pictures of my breasts exposed, and pictures of my newborn son i had never seen before.

Her reasoning is her friends dont know me so how would they know to congratulate me.

Im currently suffering from postpartum depression, and her telling me im jealous of everybody congratulating her and not me may be just me over reacting. But i wanted an unbiased point of view. Sorry to be childish, but im losing my sanity here. Tia