26.5 weeks and experienced debilitating heartburn

Anyone else experienced heartburn so bad you thought you were going to die?  I am not usually a complainer but this was awful. 
My hubby made the best steak dinner last night. It was so good. I really enjoyed it. An hour after dinner I started to feel uncomfortable. I was short of breath. My back hurt up high in my should blades then my ribs. It just started to get worse. I took some Tums and water. No better just worse. It hurt to stand, hurt worse to sit, hurt to lay down. My husband rubbed my back. More Tums and water. I finally got to where I could lay on my left side but as soon as moved horrible pain. I was worried it was a kidney stone. 
Finally 3 hours after it started I threw up everything. I cried it hurt to throw up. I also cried because I felt so bad I threw up the amazing meal my hubby made special. My right shoulder blade area still hurt a little bit I was able to finally relax and sleep after throwing up.
Just wondering if anyone else has had this. It hurts let me tell ya.