Dad had another baby

aimee • Happy married to my best friend 💍 // mommy to Analiese 💕❤️// expecting girl number 2! 😍

This is my dad who’s about 50...yes 50 and decided to have a new daughter now I call her new because he has completely disowned me, not even my other siblings just me, he used to talk down on me and say I wasn’t shit, which honestly I have proven him completely wrong because I’m married to my lifelong best friend who I have known since middle school, we have a daughter and another on the way and my husband is military and I attend school, we own our own home and I’m only 20, not once has my “dad” ever apologized or congratulated me or even attempted to contact me unless it was to talk crap and idk it’s never ever bothered me but when I saw this it just made me cry and I’m not sure if it’s just because I’m pregnant and it’s hormones or the fact that my feelings are really hurt...anyways thanks for letting me rant lol