1 year before meds with PCOS?


Hello all, my husband and I have been trying for 10 months now. My doctor did the whole “don’t worry, you’re young” number and kinda blew me off. Tells me to come in after trying for 6 months of trying. I go in, she doesn’t touch or examine me. Just says “well I can’t do anything for you till you have been trying for a year, and even then if you want to try any type of meds I would have to refer you to a specialist. Let’s test for PCOS while we wait to reach the 1 year mark.” So I do the tests and I do have PCOS as I expected. She said that she won’t put me on metformin since I am not insulin resistant and she can’t do anything else till we have been trying for a year.

Do doctors have to wait till 1 year?

I have confirmed PCOS. Why won’t they start helping me now knowing that I will most likely need help to conceive?

Any input, advice, or personal stories would be appreciated!