I'm so exhausted!


I worked a ten hour shift short handed as usual (been up since 5 am) came home, stripped the bed, folded 4 loads of laundry, cleaned my room-ish (hey I found the floor, it counts), made dinner (so what if it was frozen pizza?), took my moms car and got her some gas and managed to not jump out of the car and scream at the woman that nearly backed into the car and then nearly ran a pedestrian over. I've swept, I've dealt with my super clingy and possessive 6 year old. now I'm trying to muster energy to remake the bed. I've already given up on washing the our 12 year old 900lb weenie dog with a really bad attitude. I'm exhausted, my whole body hurts, I made the mistake of laying down and now I think I'm paralysed. I need someone to help me get off the bed