Well I have to order a new pair of glasses...

My husband busted mine across the bridge of my nose when we got lost coming home from a spontaneous beach day trip for Father’s Day. Since staying the night with two two and under was too expensive.

Might need stitches.

I’m job hunting right now so.... idk how I’m going to do that with this huge gash in my nose and what I’m sure will be partial black eyes in the am.

I say it nonchalant like because he pops me when I fail as a wife as a mom as an employee and as a human.

I have a prescription for Zoloft at the pharmacy waiting since yesterday for me... not excited to take it but he swears I need it because I’m constantly bitching...and negative...

Yeah two weeks ago he had his bags packed to leave his 14 wk old son, 2 year old daddy’s little girl, his wife and new house we bought in February.

Im at a loss.

I never have the right things to say. So I say nothing, and a lot of the time nothing apparently isn’t the right thing either...?

Dear lord protect me, my family, and let me husband see that I am not the only problem..