I have OFFICIALLY watched my SO play too many video games.


I’m going to try to make this as short as possible. ((:

I had a dream that i had dreamt the future the night before. We were going to get attacked by an army but they were like possessed and didn’t act like really people. It was like video game people brought to life. I saw that my SO killed the last one in my dream. Since we were expecting this war or w.e we knew that he would be the one of very few people who would step up and fight back so he analyzed the decision for a bit and decided he was going to go out there.

We got him and his friend ready with guns and shit. So we were waiting and it was getting around sunset like 6pm before they all came. At first him and his friend are out their by themselves shooting and then as more come I don’t know what happened to his friend, if he got a ride too or what but I was in the car with my SO. I was driving around town while he was shooting them all through the window, except now it didn’t look like town it looked like GTA with the guys we’re killing going from looking like battlefield players to actually people who formed a cult like Farcry.

I guess he went back to shooting on his own and I was helping my mom ouy, I started driving her and my brother while she stood off the door shooting all of them, I have my brother in my lap trying to comfort him because he doesn’t understand why she has to shoot everyone and at this point their dogs involved and so she’s shooting off all the dogs.

This whole time I’m carrying around a gun but not getting the chance to use it because I’m driving everyone else around. Some reason the cult turned into a group of Koreans, for who knows what reason, and then I woke up before I could see my SO again in the dream but I had already knew he was alright because of the dream that told the future.