Heart broken after 5 years


We dated for 5 years. He was so sweet in the beginning and told me every second of the day that he loved me. These last couple of months be quit trying and stopped showing me that he loved me. If I wanted something or felt a way I had to tell him. If he hurt my feelings I had to tell him how to fix it. He didn’t know how to fix it. Saturday we broke up. We were out drinking and his friend got on me about a few things and he didn’t see what was so wrong about the situation. He didn’t see how his friend raising his voice at me in a bar was not ok, in fact he stood up for the friend. He has put me second, maybe even third or fourth as a priority in his life these last few months. I still love him and this break up hurts like hell. I’m wondering if he’s just completely done trying and doesn’t want me back... he hasn’t contacted me since Saturday. I honestly don’t know where I went wrong. He was so sweet and loving and caring, he treated me like a queen. Then one day everything changed and I was chopped liver.

I want to hear from him... I want him to want me back... I want to see him make a change. He used to be so good about fixing something if he knew I was upset and he cared so much. Something happened and I cared too much and he stopped caring about me... do you think I’ll hear from him at all? When we broke up he said I was still the love of his life. Do you think he’ll change?