Things not to say to a pregnant woman. How do I respond?


-Several people have asked when my due date is. I tell them and they are like "oh, you have a loooong way to go!" They use a manner in which they seem surprised I still have so much of my pregnancy ahead of me. Maybe it's just my sensitive side, but I hear "oh wow, you're huge to only be 5 months!"

-Someone today said, " When are you due? You probably don't have long now." I told him I'm due in November. He said "wow! Your baby's going to be huge!" baby was weighing only 9 oz two weeks ago....

Many other things too, but these are the ones bothering me today. These are all people I work with and most are men. I have no idea what to say, but I feel these kinds of things are rude.

I have never been thin and I am short and have a short torso, so my belly probably does look big for this stage, but still - no need to point that out. I'm really glad all my crazy hormonal crying episodes have been at home though -.-