Baby shower

My sisters shower was in April. I paid for her favors and postage for invites and a baby shower game. Probably spent at least 150-200 bux. My mom paid for the venue and gifts for winners of the games, decorations and the cake. My sisters and I even got into a fight a week before her shower cause she said she planned the whole shower herself and basically said I didn’t do anything for her and she was bummed out and disappointed.

My shower is 1 month away and no one has mentioned my shower, offering me money for anything I have purchased (invites, postage, decorations, guest book, favors) basically everything for the shower. I’m even the one emailing back and fourth with the venue planning everything (even though my mom is paying for the venue)

I feel very hurt and kind of mad I was “scolded” for not doing anything for my sisters shower even though I did. Also, feel like I’m getting the short end of the stick and looked over.

She did just have a baby. So, should I be pissed? Or just get over it? All I can think of is what I would say to them if they ask what’s going on with the shower. Should I let them know I’m pissed, or just let it go and have a nice shower.

I feel like it’s all I can think about.