38+1 and almost to the end of this pregnancy. Proud to say I feel like I have stayed extremely fit during this pregnancy. I can still get around relatively easy and I know recovery is going to be pretty smooth sailing. My starting weight was 115 and I'm at 149. I ran every day until the third trimester, have done prenatal yoga a few times a week, have eaten clean/whole food except for a few first trimester taco Bell cave ins, and still don't pee myself when I sneeze. This isn't to brag it's just motivation for you ladies that you can stay fit while pregnant. I'm a full time nanny, which definitely helped me stay fit, but I encourage all of you to take care of your body while pregnant. You will feel much better for it, and you'll still be able to squat down and get back up at the end. 😂

My last day running (last day of 2nd trimester)