Burning pain only during period?

Hi All,

So recently, I’d say within the last 3 months, when I get my period I also get this itching and burning pain. It last during my period and maybe a day after and then it disappears until the next invasion. Lol I’ve been celibate since last August and I’ve had an STI/STD test within that time that came back fine. So I’ve ruled that out. The only things I can think of is: I may be allergic to my Diva Cup, which would be sooooooo disappointing because I absolutely am in love with it. Or, I have a low grade (not sure if that’s even a proper description 😬) yeast infection that returns when my body is preparing for my period. But I honestly have no idea. My OBGYN is in the States and I really prefer going to her. But I’ll likely just fold and see someone here.

Any thoughts?!?