Expired birth control pills???? Halo

Sooooo let’s get this straight, I have the worst gyno in the world.

Im midway thru my period and realize I have yet to receive any texts that my prescription is ready to be picked up which is sus. So I called my pharmacy and they told me MY GYNO CANCELED MY PILLS.

I always kept a backup packet under my bathroom sink just in case something like this happened so while I was getting refilling my regular pills I could be on these.

So I took a week long of these extra pills I had until I realized they were few weeks- a month expired... so I was finally able to get my new pills and continue where I was on my schedule but now I’m terrified that I was technically unprotected for that whole week of taking expired pills...

I read online and they said I should be good but my boyfriend and I have been sexually active this whole time... so ya girl is anxious as hell rn.

I need thoughts, has this ever happened to you????

I’m supposed to be getting my period by tomorrow but im terrified it’s gonna be late