It’s not me this time hunny!

Stacy • 19, College Student, Sociology major

So I’ve been single for about 9 or 10 months now and I’ve had meaningless dates and conversations with a couple guys. This recent guy I’ve been talking to for awhile now, we graduated in the same class, says that he wants to adventure and see the world. I gave him some ideas and he agreed to go to someplace in the city. We made the arrangements, the date, and everything. The day comes around and he ghosted. I expected this from him because since he was apart of my friend group back in high school, every time we invited him somewhere, he would flake. Even into adulthood he hasn’t changed. He would tell me his intimate life and compliment me at every chance. I thought we were actually getting close. I’m thinking about just giving up and moving to the next one. I feel bad though for giving up but it’s kind of frustrating at this point. Should I speak with him directly or let it go?