Partner grandmother is a nightmare

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All comments would be appreciated. 
So me and my partner was living with his grandmother for 10 months, she offered for us to move in to sort our lives out and we excepted. Few months ago my partner and her fell out and she's blamed it all on me when it was just between them. Anyways, we both moved out and then he's been staying there recently and she said I wasn't welcome all the time just occasions, well I had a chat with her today just saying how I didn't understand why this was being taken out on me and she was so rude, she told me that I make all matters worse and I lie and twist things people say, which I know isn't true. However my partner didn't or never does stick up for me. He just moaned and said "why did you even speak to her, you just make an issue, you know what she's like, don't speak to her" why should I be made to feel like it's my fault when I was trying to resolve the problem. Ladies would you be annoyed with you partner and how would you go about it?