What the fuck?

I don't know who to voice this out to.. but I think my house is haunted. My brother died a little more than a year ago and I think he's fucking with me. I was never the type to believe in the after life, heaven, etc. but some weird shit has been happening. For the first 6 months, all the weird events were just casted off as "wow, that was weird, must've been the wind?" Now weird shit happens so often and I can't find logical explanations. Shit disappearing and reappearing, cats hissing at random corners of my house, things falling off counters by themselves, lights flickering, VIVID sounds of voices that lasts only a couple seconds, random electronics turning on, and for some odd reason food goes missing and I don't smell them rotting. I live alone in a 1 bedroom apartment for 3 years. It only started happening about 8 months ago. It doesn't bother me, there's only a slight inconvenience in my life however that feeling of "WTF" that happens on almost a daily basis feels really weird. My brother is doing what he used to do when he was living, fuck with me. He used to come over when he was bored or hungry, steal my food, use my Wi-Fi or computer, or annoy me just for shits and giggles. At least, that's my theory.