Under weight! (Life story)

Gracie • 🖤Still searching for the Oreos🖤

So, I’m almost 13, and I’ve been small all my life. I’m currently 5’2 and weigh 95 pounds . When I was 5, my mom died of skin cancer, I have 2 younger blood siblings, and 3 older half siblings, and my dad is still a single dad (he’s been married 4 times trying to get a mother figure, which I am now independent of) , he’s dated a number of women, all of which have left. Most recently, my dad married a woman (he’s 42 and she’s 45) and long story short she’s left us homeless for a week. We’ve moved on after that and have a house, my dad kept going back to her and she kept breaking his heart, anyways, we’ve completely moved on. After she left us homeless I started losing weight, I’m already small. So when I entered 6th grade, I was 78 pounds, and slept maybe 10 hours a week.y teachers started noticing and I was slowly losing more weight, then my dad stepped in and I’ve gained weight since then, as of yesterday I’m 95 pounds. And not very confident about my body, I’ve been working at it. But I don’t know how to raise my confidence.

This is the most confident picture I have of myself.