Seriously itchy skin!!!


To the point it is driving me crazy! Its not eczema although i am a eczema sufferer but the past week or so i have had various symptoms nausea in waves mainly night times, frequent urination, feeling more tiered than normal and random bursts of energy, snuffly/runny nose, odd cm from stretchy white to watery to creamy to nothing, my boobs look like they have suddenly grown overnight (bonus after being breastfeeding mumma hehe) loss of appetite then tonight i had to have mixed veg with butter (i hate veg! Yes i know tut tut) and insomnia then when i finally drift i have such vivid dreams...

My newest symptom that started last night i have come up in small red (acnes like small spots) all over mainly my thighs bumcheeks legs and stomach wth?!

I am seriously itching to the state i take a hairbrush to the skin i know its bad but such a good scratcher!

AF yet to show supposed to arrive in 5 days time, last AF was May 20th-26th

Any idea were these your symptoms before the BFP did you get itchy skin i never remember this with my DS just nausea galore!

So far ,y poas addiction is defeating me all BFNs although i am sure one was a faint positive yet since then all negative, any ideas am i still too early to test?

BBD to you all ✨✨✨