Vvvvvv faint line pregnancy test


So I took a first responce pregnancy test the pink dye one and I took it this morning three days over due for AF and cause it was at like 4am I really did try to look for a vvvfl but I couldn’t see anything so I put it away then came back like 5 hours later just for some closer and checked one more time and I could see the faintest line ever. I always see on here if you don’t see it with 5 mins it’s an indent or evap line how actually true is that? Could the vvvfl I see now be indent or evap? If it was an evap or indent wouldn’t it be more noticeable? I’m so confused. I used the same brand on my first child and what I saw within that 5 mins stayed that way till this day so three years later? I’m going to test again in two days to see if it gets more noticeable but the wait is killing me 🤬