Daughters having surgery, need opinions.


Ok, so my daughter (8) is scheduled on the 29th to have her Tonsils an Adenoids removed. She has missed a lot of school dude to her throat, an she has also had mono (caught from water fountains at school). My boyfriend of 5 years doesn’t have his removed An is worried since they just came out saying that tonsils are now known to help fight off infections an help build immunity. I have had mine removed since I was little (I was born with cleft lip pallet, my daughter wasn’t).

So today I took a picture of her throat An is this normal?

I personally have never heard her snore but my father says he does all the time when she stays with him. I know enlarged tonsils can cause sleep apnea an snoring.

I’m just worried I’m making the wrong choice now, I don’t know if I should cancel her surgery :( I have took her to two separate doctors for opinions. She has really bad allergies also that cause a lot of drainage an throat irritation.