Evap 3 times in one day? Or faint positives

Lindsey • 26 | Mother of 4 yr old | works in orthopedics | Preggers with # 2❤️

I took 3 test yesterday one in the morning one late afternoon and one last night all progressively darker. The lines did not pop up until hour or so later. I’ve never had this happen with this brand or that many. I have been having a 37 day cycle and at times 32 day cycles we attempted to conceive on 6/1 and 6/2 but the next weekend 6/8 had sex not planning for anything. According to my tracker I deff could have ovulated on June 8th if I’m on my longer cycle which I have been lately. Do you think if I conceived on 6/8 and I’m only 10 dpo that this could be the reason for this? Or do you all think evap