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My boyfriend (father of my child) and I right now are not living together and we have an almost 3 month old. I still live with my parents just because where I live it’s very expensive to rent. Just a studio apartment can be $1100 a month. My boyfriend used to stay with me and my parents until my dad and him got in a fight and are no longer on speaking terms. That’s another story. So he moved in with his mom and step dad. At his mom’s it’s like 2 houses in one. But at his mom’s is his brother his girlfriend and their baby who is 4 weeks younger than our boy. So it’s a little cramped. Long story short we go visit on the weekends because his mom lives 45 minuets away from me. During the week I’m taking care of the baby by myself and then on the weekends I still don’t receive any help. I’m doing the feedings, diaper changing, getting up with him the morning, purchasing baby items, washing the bottles and more.

I know everyone will say try talking to him. Well I have for 4 weekends in a row now.

I love him and plan on staying with him. We plan on getting a place in the future but right now it’s not financially possible.

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